Accredited Auditing Agencies

To enroll in the PFI Standards program, manufacturers of densified biomass must contact an accredited auditing agency. The following auditing agencies have been accredited by the Board of Review of the American Lumber Standard Committee (ALSC) to provide independent auditing services for the PFI Standards Program.

PFS Corporation, Cottage Grove, WI

Southern Pine Inspection Bureau, Pensacola, FL


Timber Products Inspection, Conyers, GA

The Board of Review of the ALSC also has accredited four testing laboratories: Accredited laboratories perform regular analyses on densified fuel per PFI's standard and work directly with the program's auditing agencies.

A.J. Edmond Co., Long Beach, CA

Timber Products Inspection, Conyers, GA

Twin Ports Testing, Superior, WI

University of Maine, Orono, ME

University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

Questions on how to prepare for enrollment? It is recommended that the following checklist is considered:

  • Write your QA/QC program document. More information
  • Develop Standard Operating Procedures, forms, and/or computer databases to track program information.
  • Determine where program records will be stored.
  • Identify who within your organization will be responsible for quality management and supporting staff. Provide training as necessary.
  • Set up your internal lab if it is your decision to conduct daily QA/QC testing in-house.

Information for Auditing Agencies/Laboratories

ALSC continues to accept applications for companies seeking to become accredited as auditing agencies and/or labs. For information on becoming accredited, contact ALSC at (301) 972-1700.