Qualified Production Facilities

The following companies have qualified for the PFI Standards Program and are permitted to display the Quality Mark on their bagged fuel. The Quality Mark ensures that companies have met the requirements of the PFI Standards Program, including passing regular audits and testing.

Premium Grade Qualified Production Facilities

Appalachian Wood Pellet
Kingwood, WV Facility (Registration Number: TP026)

American Wood Fibers
Circleville, OH Facility (Registration Number: TP001)
Marion, VA Facility (Registration Number: TP002)

Curran Renewable Energy
Massena, NY Facility (Registration Number: TP004)

Fiber By-Products
White Pigeon, MI Facility (Registration Number: TP028)

Fiber Energy Products, LLC
Seymour, MO (Registration Number: TP027)

Indeck Ladysmith, LLC.
Ladysmith, WI Facility (Registration Number: TP009)

Lignetics, Inc.

Sand Fork, WV Facility (Registration Number: TP034)
Kenbridge, VA Facility (Registration Number: TP033)
Sandpoint, ID Facility (Registration Number: TP035)
Bear Mountain; Brownsville, OR Facility (Registration Number: TP036)
Strong, ME Facility (Registration Number: TP032)
Energex; Mifflintown, PA Facility (Registration Number: TP012)
Energex; Lac Megantic, QC, Canada Facility (Registration Number TP013)
Marth Peshtigo; Marathon, WI Facility (Registration Number: TP006)
Marth Peshtigo; Peshtigo, WI Facility (Registration Number: TP005)
New England Wood Pellet; Jaffrey, NH Facility (Registration Number: TP003)
New England Wood Pellet; Deposit, NY Facility (Registration Number: TP007)
New England Wood Pellet; Schuyler, NY Facility (Registration Number: TP008)
New England Wood Pellet; Allegheny Plant; Youngsville, PA Facility (Registration Number: TP011)
Dry Creek Products, Arcade, NY Facility (Registration Number: TP030)
PA Pellets, Ulysses, PA Facility (Registration Number: TP031)
Show Low, AZ Facility (Registration Number: TP010)
Columbia City, OR Facility (Registration Number: TP024)
Mendocino, CA Facility (Registration Number: TP037)

Maine Woods Company, LLC
Athens, ME Facility(Registration Number: 5101)

Michigan Wood Fuels LLC
Holland, MI Facility (Registration Number: TP017)

Pacific Coast Pellets
Shelton, WA Facility (Registration Number: TP029)

Somerset Pellet Fuel
Somerset, KY Facility (Registration Number: TP016)

Spearfish Pellet Co.
Spearfish, SD Facility (Registration Number: TP014)

Snow Timber Pellets
Hurley, WI Facility (Registration Number: TP021)

Staggemeyer Stave
Caledonia, MN Facility (Registration Number: 5102)

Standard Grade Qualified Production Facilities

None currently listed


Registration Numbers Issued for Private Labeling Purposes

Registration Number: TP201
Registration Number: TP202
Registration Number: TP204

In commerce, it is common practice for a manufacturer to produce a product which is subsequently sold by another entity under private label. The same holds true for the wood pellet industry, the significance being that the third party selling the product would prefer the customer to contact them directly regarding any product issues and not the manufacturer. To preserve this normal business practice the PFI Standards Program offers the opportunity for qualified wood pellet manufacturers to receive additional registration numbers for private labeling purposes. These registration numbers are published on the PFI website but are indicated as being issued for private labeling purposes. If you have quality related questions regarding product that has one of these registration numbers on the quality mark then please contact the selling entity to inquire about the product.