PFI Standards Program: Frequently Asked Questions

The PFI Standards Program is a third-party accreditation program providing standards specifications for residential and commercial grade pellet fuel.

Where can I learn more about specific program requirements?
The PFI Standards Program documents outline all program requirements. Learn more.

I am a pellet manufacturer and wish to participate in the program. What are the steps I need to take to enroll?
Pellet manufacturers must enroll through an accredited auditing agency, which in turn will provide you with program costs and the information you’ll need to get started. View a list of accredited auditing agencies.

Do I have to be a member of PFI to participate in the program?
No. The program is open to all pellet manufacturers regardless of membership status with PFI. PFI members do, however, receive discounted rates to participate in the program.

Is enrollment in the program required?
No, it is not required. However, in its newly released rule governing new residential wood heaters, the U.S. EPA requires that any new residential pellet burning appliance burn pellets that have been graded through a program such as the PFI Standards Program.

I am a member of PFI but not enrolled in the standards program. May I still use the new bag labels?
No, only those companies qualified for the PFI Standards Program may use the PFI Quality Mark to be placed on bags of audited fuel.

What is the significance of the PFI Quality Mark?
Pellet manufacturers that meet the requirements of the PFI Standards Program, including passing regular audits by an auditing agency, are eligible to place the PFI Quality Mark on
their products.

I am a pellet distributor or retailer and want to find companies who participate in the PFI Standards Program.
View a list of all companies enrolled in the PFI Standards Program.