PFI Membership Benefits

The Pellet Fuels Institute is a non-profit trade association that represents the densified biomass industry. Founded in 1982 as the Fiber Fuels Institute, PFI has been advocating for clean, renewable energy for over 30 years. Through the promotion of energy and non-energy uses of densified biomass, PFI and its member companies have worked to grow and strengthen the densified biomass industry through outreach to elevate the status of the industry in the eyes of the government and the public.

Become a Member

As a member of PFI, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Government Affairs

  • Advocacy on behalf of your businesses and the densified biomass industry in front of Members of Congress, federal agencies and coalitions
  • Access to PFI government affairs, to include assistance with setting up meetings with elected officials in federal, state and local governments
  • Opportunity to promote PFI’s legislative and regulatory priorities through participation in meetings with officials in Washington D.C.
  • Direct guidance on policy, regulations and standards that impact the larger industry and individual businesses
  • Assistance with planning and executing plant tours, developing lobbying materials and visits with state and local officials

Information Sharing, Networking and Education

  • Access to members-only content, including industry data, reports, white papers and information on business opportunities, emerging markets  and legislative/regulatory activity
  • Directly benefit from PFI's membership and collaboration with other industry members & organizations
  • Lucrative business opportunities through networking with colleagues throughout the pellet industry supply chain
  • Receive value and benefit from PFI’s outreach and education efforts

Promotion and Exposure

  • Company listing in the PFI Member Directory on the PFI website and in other communications 
  • Use of PFI member logo on websites and business collateral 
  • Referrals to potential customers and increased exposure to foreign markets
  • Discounted prices to participate in the PFI Annual Conference, Breakfast & Biomass and other PFI sponsored events and promotional activities
  • Discounted advertising opportunities in PFI supported publications and the PFI website 
  • Opportunity to directly lead  the industry by serving on numerous PFI committees and the PFI Board

PFI Standards Program

  • Reduced cost to register and participate in the PFI Standards Program
  • Direct assistance with promoting PFI graded product to retailers, consumers and other audiences
  • Ability to participate in and influence standards process and develop a deeper knowledge base on fuel standards and quality control

For further information about PFI membership, please contact a member of the PFI Staff.