Export and Domestic Bulk Fuel Committee

The PFI Export and Domestic Bulk Fuel Committee exists to:

• Facilitate the development of a North American bulk fuels market for Commercial/Industrial, Institutional, and Central Heating applications by providing information and technical support.
• Provide a forum to develop industry consensus on issues related to the development of bulk pelletized fuel markets with the participation of other interests in the industry.
• Facilitate the development of lower grade feedstocks for use as Commercial/Industrial, Institutional, and Central Heating fuels.

Are you considering bulk pellet fuel for your residential, commercial or industrial-sized central heating application?

The PFI Export and Domestic Bulk Fuel Committee is here to help. Whether you are looking for case studies or examples in your area, local, state, or federal incentives, or assistance in securing equipment and fuel, we can help.

PFI Residential & Commercial Bulk Pellet Fuel Brochure

As we develop further information for commercial pellet boiler and furnace users, we will post it here. If you have any questions, you can email [email protected] and your question will be sent along to the committee for a response.

Looking for a boiler or furnace?

The following list contains companies that manufacture pellet and other biomass boilers and furnaces that can handle a wide variety of central heating applications, from residential, all the way through large commercial applications. If you have questions about specific products offered, please visit each company’s website and contact them directly. 

Company name

Abbott Energy
American Energy Systems
AutoPellet (Okofen)
Bio Heat USA
Biofuel Boiler Technologies
Central Boiler
Green World Alliance
Harman Stove Company
Lee Energy Solutions
Maine Energy Systems
Northwest Manufacturing

Pinnacle Stove Sales
US Stove Company

In addition to the list of biomass furnace and boiler manufacturers above, the Export and Domestic Bulk Fuel Committee has also developed a spreadsheet listing models of biomass boilers and furnaces. Please note that this spreadsheet will be updated infrequently, so it should serve only as a primer. For the latest information, please visit each company’s website.

Does your company want to be listed above? Send us an e-mail, including a link to your website, and specs for your boiler/furnace for possible inclusion.

Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) and Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are a great option for heating poultry houses and other confined animal feeding operations. Not only do wood pellets offer significant savings over propane and other heating fuels, but they also produce a drier heat, resulting in lower ammonia levels, and healthier animals.

You can access the following studies for more information about wood pellets and CAFO:

Winrock Poultry House Study (J. Wimberly, 2008)

Commercialization of Biomass Direct-fired Heating Systems (J. Wimberly, 2003)