March 24, 2017

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PFI Briefs Visiting Canadian Delegation on American Pellet and Biomass Markets

Last week, a delegation of Canadian public and private sector biomass advocates met with PFI to learn about the American pellet fuels and biomass industries. The group, part of a tour of the United States organized by the U.S. State Department and International Institute of Education, met with Stan Elliot of Pacific Coast Pellets and Michele Reeder at the Seattle World Affairs Council.

The Canadian delegation, composed of representatives from Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia was particularly interested to hear about federal and state regulations and legislation designed to promote heat and power from biomass. Like the United States, Canada is keen to rely on domestic energy sources whenever possible, for both economic and national security reasons.

Michele Reeder and Stan Elliot gave a presentation on PFI and the overall U.S. pellet fuels industry, as well as federal and state incentives and regulations affecting pellet fuels production and deployment. They also shared a white paper authored by Bill Strauss of FutureMetrics on co-firing pellets with coal for power.

PFI intends to stay in touch with the Canadian representatives and determine ways we can work together or complement each other's work to enhance the North American pellet fuels and biomass industries.  

PFI shares clementines with the visiting Canadian delegation. 

Save the Date for PFI's Annual Conference - July 23-25 at the Stowe Mountain Lodge in Stowe, VT

It's not too early to start planning to attend the PFI Annual Conference, July 23-25 in Stowe, Vermont! Learn about key industry trends this summer while networking with fellow pellet fuels manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, industry experts and others.

We are currently developing the program, details of which will be available soon. Registration will be open soon for our annual event.

We'll be updating PFI's website and including items in the Pellet Wire as more information becomes available.

Government Affairs Update: House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee to Hold Hearing on Federal Energy Incentives

Next week, the Energy Subcommittee of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce will convene a panel to discuss federal energy tax policy.

The hearing will explore the ways that the tax code and U.S. Department of Energy programs influence energy policy by supporting energy development, production, use of fuels and energy technology. Witnesses will discuss the role of the federal government in incentivizing all types of energy and fuels production - nuclear energy, renewable energy, fossil fuels and energy efficiency technologies.

"Our nation's energy landscape has changed for the better, with technological innovation driving changes in how we produce, deliver, and consume energy. Tax code provisions have played a role in this transformation. With tax reform on the horizon, it is important for us to understand how these policies can leave lasting impacts on energy and electricity markets, prices, and consumers," said Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI) in the press release announcing the hearing.

PFI will provide an update on the hearing, officially titled, "Federal Energy Related Tax Policy and Its Effects on Markets, Prices and Consumers," in next week's Pellet Wire.

How Important is the Moisture Content in Pelletized Biomass?

MoistTech Instant NIR Online Moisture Sensors

Two of the most important properties of pellet fuels are the moisture content, and inorganic ash content. The Pellet Fuel Institute (PFI) standards require that for even the lowest commercial grade of pellets, the moisture content cannot exceed 10% and the inorganic ash content cannot exceed 6%. This means that great care must be taken when choosing and drying feedstocks for pelletization. MoistTech Corp.TM provides a state of the art process to measure moisture content accurately within 0.1 and 0.25% moisture level accuracy.

Unlike other instrumentation of this type, some of the unique features of the IR3000 are that it can monitor the product even with small gaps in product flow and is unaffected by ambient light without impacting the accuracy. The IR3000 is also ideal for installations on chain conveyors and screw conveyors and allows for instant, non-contact, continuous moisture measurement.

Thank you to MoistTech for sponsorship of PFI!

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Industry News

Bourne's, Peoples Project Puts Wood Pellets in Spotlight
Stowe Today, Vermont
Modern wood heat is a recognized, energy-efficient way to heat homes, schools and businesses that relies solely on biomass fuels.

While antique wood stoves burn inefficiently, and emit soot and smoke, modern biomass systems emit very little particulate matter and pump minimal additional carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

A transition in energy is well underway in the area, with the addition of Bourne's Energy's new 50-ton bulk wood pellet silo in North Hyde Park.

Gov. Phil Scott - who was a Bourne's employee 30 years ago - was on hand Monday to cut the ceremonial ribbon.

Read the Full Article

Emerging Importance of North American Wood Pellets in the Global Economy
American Journal of Transportation
Besides the well-established use for auxiliary home heating, wood pellets are emerging as an alternative fuel of choice for industrial applications. The multiple applications for pellets is fueling export demand that is likely to grow over the next decade.

Over the last decade, there has been a flurry of new activity in the export segment of North America's forestry products industry. Prior to this time, the usual activities of both U.S. and Canadian forestry companies had been the harvesting of wood with a concentration on both domestic distribution and the export of measured and cut lumber, logs and wood chips. While the importance of these activities to the wood products industry remains today, a new product has emerged. Wood pellets, long considered an afterthought in the forestry industry, have risen to a level of international importance.

The manufacturing, domestic use and exporting of wood pellets in North America is not new. For years, pellets could be found in homes providing an auxiliary heating source often, supplementing electric or fuel oil heating. This use continues, however, the level of activity surrounding wood pellets now offers new opportunities to the forest industry. The increasing role of wood pellets over the last seven to ten years in combating global warming has been dynamic. As a product considered to be a rising source of not only industrial power but domestic heating, wood pellets can be utilized without the noxious by products of today's standard industrial power sources.

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Paper Examines Small-Scale, Pellet-Fueled CHP Potential in US
Biomass Magazine
Small-scale, pellet-fueled combined-heat-and-power (CHP) has the potential to become a major part of the distributed generation smart grid of the future, according to a new paper by FutureMetrics.

Currently being tested at Maine Energy Systems' product assembly building in Bethel, Maine, the new micro-CHP system was developed by OkoFEN2 in Upper Austria. The units have been undergoing years of R&D and field testing, and are currently being deployed in Europe.

In addition to 60 kilowatts (kW) of heat, or 205,000 Btu per hour, the pellet-fueled micro-CHP generates up to 5 kW of electricity.

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